Jan 20, 2015

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Basic Bolts

Bolts are one means of fastening one structure to another. They are a necessary element in construction work. They are also used in airplanes, automobiles and other industries. There is more than an ounce of truth in the old phrase “the Nuts and Bolts.” In NY and across the entire world it is these seemingly insignificant items that bind things together.

What Are Bolts?

A bolt is a fastener. It has a head and external uniform threads. The threads are all made to specific standards and are applicable in most industrial situations where they are required to act as fasteners. Bolts in NY manufacturing companies are made to interact with a non-tapered nut. In fact, a bolt requires some form of thread such as a nut to act as a counter and, therefore, lock the joint.

Basic Types of Bolts

There are three basic types of bolts. They are:

*    Carriage bolts: This type is coarse-threaded with a round head and square collar. It is found in sizes of up to 10 inches long with a diameter of 3⁄16 to 3/4 inch. A carriage bolt is employed in the making of furniture.

   Stove bolts: This type is coarse-threaded with a slotted head. The head can be oval, round or flat resembling a screw. They are found in sizes of up to 6 inches and have a diameter range of 5⁄32 to 1/2 inch. They are versatile but obtain their name from their employment in stove manufacturing.

*    Machine bolts: This type of bolt is manufactured in two different gauges: coarse and fine-threaded. It may have a square or hexagonal head. It comes in sizes of up to 30 inches. The bolt diameter increases in proportion to the length

You can also obtain other types of bolts. These include the:

*   Masonry bolt

*   Anchor

*   Toggle bolt

*    Expansion bolt

Although all come in specific sizes, you can have them custom made to suit a specific need. SAE bolts are not metric bolts in NY or elsewhere in North America, but can be converted to metric. The converse is also possible.

Bolts Are Fasteners

If you employ a bolt in industrial construction, you are generally considered to be using a fastener. This is the main function of a bolt in the industry. If you are curious about the purpose and different types of bolts available, go online. If you already are in the industry and already understand which bolt is appropriate, talk to the experts at EK Fastener. They can help clarify whether you truly understand the nuts and bolts of the business.

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