Feb 12, 2015

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Bad Dental Habits That Vestal NY Residents Have

Most people try to keep up with dental care to prevent cavities and other tooth problems, but you may already be doing things that are bad for your teeth without even knowing it. Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but if you eat ice or drink cold drinks, you may be hurting your teeth. There are five main dental habits that Vestal NY residents and others should try to stop or avoid doing.

Crunching Ice

Most people like to drink ice-cold soda and then eat the ice afterward. Eating ice may not seem like a lot of harm because you frequently eat hard items, but the coldness of the ice can lead to tiny fractures, that over time, can cause even more problems. It also isn’t a good idea to drink a lot of soda because of the sweetness and acidity in the drink.

Tools Aren’t Teeth

If you’ve ever had trouble opening a bag or undoing a knot, you may have thought your teeth were a good choice to help you. Many in Vestal NY are guilty of this bad dental habit, because they feel it quicker and easier to just use their teeth instead of hunting for the proper tool or asking for help, though this can cause weaknesses in the teeth, which can lead to chips and fractures.

GrindingGrinding your teeth can wear them down over time, causing enormous pain if you expose the roots and leading you to have dentures instead of your pearly whites. Teeth grinding is difficult to notice and stop, but your dentist can help with special guards to wear at night or start a stress-reducing routine.Hard Toothbrushes

Brushing is important, and most people grab any toothbrush that says, “ADA” on the packaging. However, hard bristles can push the gums back and cause gum disease, but it can also brush away the enamel and other safety coverings on the teeth, causing sensitivity and pain.

Not Brushing/Flossing

For those in Vestal NY that think skipping a brushing session or don’t like to floss, you should understand that these dental care options are extremely important, and you could be harming your teeth.

While everyone misses a brushing once or twice, make sure that you make a point to brush and floss at least twice a day or however many times your dentist requests so that your teeth stay clean, fresh and cavity free.

Proper Dental habits in Vestal NY are very important to ensure the life of your teeth for as long as possible. Visit New York Dental Group to learn more, read their blog or contact them.

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