Feb 24, 2015

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Back Pain Treatments Using Stem Cell Research in Norman

Research has proven the use of Stem Cell Norman therapies hold a great deal of potential in the world of medicine. Though embryonic stem cells are controversial, new studies reveal adult stem cells have their own healing capacities. Produced in adult bone marrow, Mesenchymal Precursor Cells are responsible for generating numerous specialized cells throughout the body. Scientists are currently concentrating on these types of cells for cardiac and skeletal applications.

Perhaps the most exciting of these new-found purposes is in the field of spinal and joint pain. In Stem Cell Norman therapies using MPC’s, bone marrow is harvested from an adult experiencing severe pain in the spine. From there, specific cells are transferred to a culture where they are concentrated and allowed to further mature. At the time of harvest, these stem cells already contain the genetic material needed to develop into certain types of tissues. Some will become fatty tissue while others will transition to bone or cartilage.

Despite being taking from a living host, those cells are able to continue growing into the materials they were meant to become while living in a culture. Once they have matured to a certain point, they are implanted into the person they were originally taken from. Since they are a direct genetic match to the person being treated with this Stem Cell Norman procedure, there is no chance of rejection and future health concerns associated with it.

Usually taking about 30 minutes per session, the cells matured outside the body are injected into the patient’s problem area where they will help regenerate damaged bone or cartilage. This is a minimally-invasive procedure that can help those with a variety of spinal and joint issues. Previous alternatives were slim. Patients were either forced to endure crippling pain or undergo extensive surgeries producing few, if any, positive results. Some were even left with more problems than before surgery.

The staff of Longevity Joint Spine Pain offers this and other cutting-edge forms of non-surgical treatment for pain and degenerative disorders. Stem cell research is a promising field and no doubt will continue to provide answers to a number of conditions found untreatable in the past. Treatments will reduce the amount of recovery time and the number of health complications experienced with other solutions. Visit Longevityspine.com to schedule a consultation and find out if you may be a candidate for this type of procedure.

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