Aug 13, 2014

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Baccarat Residences NY Midtown NYC Luxury Condos for Sale

Baccarat New York is proud to introduce Midtown NYC luxury condos for sale. Experience this taste of elegant French culture and history right in the heart of Manhattan. The 60 homes enclosed in this black and glass structure feature nothing less than class, comfort and custom design.

When Louis XV of France commissioned the Baccarat glassworks in 1764, he likely wasn’t thinking about real estate, engineering or design, let alone the legacy he’d leave to the American continent. Our Baccarat brought together the best minds in modern development, and let them create a brand founded on French inspiration, innovation and love of heritage. The result is your new home.

Three in One

If you live at Baccarat New York, you also enjoy its hotel services and fine French restaurant. Step over to the other sections of the building to take a dip in the pool, pamper yourself at the spa or try the latest dish from head chef Shea Gallante. Take advantage of 24/7 access to the hotel without leaving the comfort of your own home. Each of the three establishments has its own front entrance.

Exclusive Neighborhood

One of the best things about the luxury condos of the Baccarat is their close proximity to the best of NYC. Central Park is just around the corner, and the Museum of Modern Art is directly across the street. Hop over to the shops and boutiques of Fifth and Madison Avenues, and enjoy the drifting notes from Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall. The iconic Rockefeller Center is also near by.

Your Luxury Condo

This is where you’ll want to stay the minute you step into your custom residence. Much of the Baccarat interior is the design work of AD100’s Tony Ingrao, and contains the breathtaking beauty of Baccarat crystal in lighting fixtures and hardware. Soaring windows and ceilings, white oak floors, white iceberg granite counters, Lucite vanities, marble bathroom floors, polished chrome, mirrored glass and so much more characterize your living space. Enjoy the luxury of fireplaces and fully automated home systems.

Contacting Baccarat

Today, Baccarat is the most decorated company in France, and we are proud to create a name and legacy with it and one of France’s last monarchs. When you’re ready to learn more about Midtown NYC luxury condos for sale, please contact us with personal or press inquiries through

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