Mar 4, 2014

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Avoiding The Needle And The Damage Done

A syringe and needle comprise a simple medical device used commonly around the world. The two are parts of a single unit designed to draw blood or fluids out from the body and/or inject the same or medication into the body. The most common uses are for vaccines and insulin. In the former, a physician handles the injection; in the latter, the individual with Type 1 Diabetes can use a syringe and needle to deliver his or her own insulin. Other uses for hypodermic or medical needles include aspiration or irrigation.


Injections are not something new. In fact, they have been going on for centuries. People have been putting various substances into their systems through various means in attempts to heal, becoming one with the universe, and/or to reach out to the Gods. Yet, it is only since the 17th century that a specific device for injecting intravenously makes an appearance. It is not until the 19th century that two physicians in two separate countries actually come up with the perfect solution to providing medication subcutaneously. The men were    and their device was the hollow hypodermic needle.

In the decades since then, the needles have evolved from large and painful devices to thin and relatively painless ones. Sizes and thicknesses have changed to meet the demands of society and the specific type of medical application. Disposable needles arrived on the medical scene in the 1960s but did not come into widespread usage until the following decade. Today, you also have fine needles and micro needles that work to decrease one of the perceived and actual problems of injections – pain and suffering

Reducing Pain and Suffering

The needle and syringe as we currently have it is less painful than the original hypodermic needles. These early devices hit nerves setting off waves or twinges of pain. Wider needles are also capable of increasing any pain and suffering – real or perceived, a patient may have. The move towards decreasing needle size is a move toward reducing the risk of causing unnecessary pain. This also results in the patients’ acceptance of the procedure without undue fuss and anxiety.

Consequences of Improper Syringe and Needle Use

Perhaps the most controversy use of a syringe and needle is for illegal drug injections. Opium abuse is probably the first use of hypodermic needles for what is now an illegal purpose. Yet, this is not the improper use of needles. Sharing needles has become a means of spreading disease as well. Malaria was the first recorded disease to suffer from the consequences of needle sharing. Today, the major problems are HIV and hepatitis. Both can arise from needle sharing.
While a needle and syringe combination can save a life, it can also create anxiety for its recipients. This is overcome by the use of smaller needles in certain situations. Yet, the problem of the spread of blood borne disease is not so easy to solve. While professionals sterilize and use single-use needles, drug abusers are not so quick to adopt this practice. This results increasingly in serious consequences for society. Are you trying to find a reliable supplier of your type of Syringe And Needle? Consider what we can offer you at Bulk Syringes.

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