Avoiding Huge Mistakes When Filing For Social Security Disability In Kansas City

Applying for Social Security disability is usually a lengthy process that is easy to make mistakes with. Mistakes made during the process can get a person’s claim denied. So what are some of the mistakes that need to be avoided? Anyone applying for Social Security Disability in Kansas City, should not apply for unemployment benefits at the same time. Although the Social Security department’s official stance is that collecting those benefits doesn’t stop a person from receiving disability, the benefits can be used as one of the determining factors in the case.

Let’s say that someone was filing for disability while collecting unemployment. While collecting unemployment, that person filled out job applications. The person reviewing the application for Social Security Disability in Kansas City, can take into consideration what those jobs were. If the disability claim is about a back injury and a person is applying for jobs that require intense labor, the claim may be denied. Another mistake that could be made is not quitting work when applying for disability. An applicant cannot be doing a lot of work and still receive Social Security disability. Earning over a certain dollar amount disqualifies people for disability.

People filing claims by themselves are risking denial. Some people are afraid that they just can’t afford a disability lawyer. A good number of disability lawyers have websites these days. They have banners that read click for more info that people can use to easily find out how easy it is to retain the services of a lawyer. Lawyers who work disability cases tend to not get paid like other lawyers. Instead, they work on a contingency basis. This means that disability lawyers usually get paid when an applicant wins a claim.

It’s important to understand that contingency arrangements can vary from lawyer to lawyer. A lawyer may still give a person a bill for fees even if a case isn’t won. An applicant needs to carefully read over the agreement the lawyer hands them before signing it. Fees can easily add up to thousands of dollars. Those fees can be hard for a disabled person to pay if the claim isn’t won.

If you want to start the process, contact the Grundy Disability Group and set up an appointment for a free consultation.

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