Auto Injury Attorneys in Dayton, OH Represent Clients Seriously Harmed by Drivers Using Cell Phones

Auto injury attorneys in Dayton, OH represent clients who have been seriously harmed by drivers distracted by cell phone use when behind the wheel. Texting has been confirmed to be one of the most dangerous activities in this situation because it forces the driver to look away from the road. Cell phone use, in general, can be distracting when the driver is paying more attention to the conversation than to the traffic.

Cell Phones: A Brief Overview

Two decades ago, when cell phones were bulky and minutes were expensive, people didn’t spend much time talking on these devices in the car. They were most often used for business purposes so people didn’t have to rely on pay phones. It didn’t take long for manufacturers to drastically reduce the size of the phones and to add options like texting and Internet access, and ever since, talking and texting while driving has become seemingly inescapable temptations.

Other Distractions

People still are distracted by other sights and sounds when they’re driving. The unexpected sight of a building that has just burned to the ground can prompt a driver to take their eyes off the road. Sometimes car accidents occur when drivers are staring at first responders dealing with another accident. Auto injury attorneys in Dayton, OH represent people in these cases as well, but those involving cell phones have increased dramatically over the years.

Large, Heavy Vehicles

The circumstances of a collision can be drastically worsened when the person using a cell phone is driving a particularly heavy vehicle like a moving truck, a tanker or semi rig. Although it might seem like professional drivers would know better, news reports are easily found in which these individuals have caused serious accidents.

Not a Safe Place

Many adults used their cell phones as a toy, which may be acceptable in other environments, but definitely not while driving a car. Anyone who has been injured by a driver who was distracted by cell phone use may contact a law firm like Thorson, Switala, Mondock & Snead. Browse our website for contact information.

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