Mar 5, 2019

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Auto And Truck Accessories: Bras And Bed Liners

Auto And Truck Accessories: Bras And Bed Liners

If you own a vehicle, you may feel the urge to pimp it out – to add auto and truck accessories to make it stand out even more. In Missoula MT, accessorizing your car or truck not only improves its aesthetic appeal but can also protect it from the elements and other damaging forces. Two common ways of achieving such goals is to apply a “clear bra” and/or add a bed liner.

Auto Bras

New or old, nothing is sadder to a proud owner than seeing that original paint chip. To avoid further damage from the weather, flying rocks and insects protect your vehicle with a “Clear Bra.”

This involves the application of a protective film of urethane paint to your car. It is nearly invisible to the eye. However, the durability of such auto and truck accessories ensures protection from damaging road debris.

Truck Bed Liners

One truck accessory is a bed liner. These protective devices come in different sizes, shapes, and types. Essentially, however, they are available in two distinct categories:

1. Drop-in bed liners: This type is easy to clean, install and remove. It is durable and generally acts as solid protection against dents and other issues affecting the bed of your truck.

2. Sprayed-on bed liners: Unlike the drop-in type, this kind cannot shift around. No gaps exist between the truck and its liner. Easy to clean, they minimize dents and other bed issues. They tend to be less expensive than drop-ins but are not as thick and cannot be removed.

Auto and Truck Accessories

Auto and truck accessories can be purely aesthetic. They can also be practical. In Missoula MT, combining the two adds style, value, and protection to your vehicle. Whether you are considering the addition of a “car bra” or a bed liner, make sure you consult a professional first to get the scoop on what to do and what results to expect from your choices.

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