Mar 5, 2015

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Attributes to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer in Johnson County, KS

The prospect of going through a divorce is not something most people enjoy facing. Given the emotional turmoil that is going on, it pays to spend some time choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Johnson County, KS who can protect the interests of the client. Here are a few of the characteristics that the lawyer should possess.

Up to Date on Current Divorce and Child Custody Laws

Always go with a Divorce Lawyer in Johnson County, KS who is well versed in all the current laws that apply to the situation of the client. This includes being up to date on all possible grounds for the divorce action, how property should be divided, and what course of action are possible if the other party is not amiable to the idea of getting a divorce.

That same lawyer should also be well aware of all laws relating to child custody and support. Since these laws are updated from time to time, knowing exactly what is in line with any recently passed laws is a must. In the long run, that knowledge will make it easier to come up with a custody arrangement that works for the parents and is in the best interest of the children.

The Ability to Investigate Thoroughly

Depending on the grounds for the divorce, it may be necessary to gather evidence that helps support the claims of the plaintiff. To that end, it pays to work with a Divorce Lawyer in Johnson County, KS that knows how to discreetly look into any actions on the part of the defendant that could have some bearing on the divorce action. This includes issues like infidelity, attempts to hide assets, and other events that could have some impact on the outcome of the decree and settlement.

For anyone facing the prospect of divorce, call Gilby and Haynes Law Firm LLP Johnson County, KS today. Schedule an appointment and remember to bring along any documents or other information that is relevant to the situation. Working together, it will be easier to determine the best course of action to take, and hopefully receive the decree without any type of delays. Visit for more details.

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