Dec 31, 2013

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Attorney Royse City, TX: What Is A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Being free is a very high prize gifted to Americans as the nation continues to presume innocence at a criminal trial until a person is proved guilty. In other nations, it is not uncommon for someone to be presumed guilty until they are found to be innocent. Furthermore, in other nations the prosecutor does not even have to present a very good case in order for you to remain guilty. In the United States, the prosecution is required to prove without a shadow of a doubt that you are guilty of a crime. Under the U.S Constitution, if you are charged with a criminal offense you have rights. One of those rights includes your right to hire a criminal Attorney Royse City, TX to defend your case. Chances are pretty good your criminal attorney is going to make several attempts to get your case settled out of court. However, it is not uncommon for a case to go to trial if a settlement cannot be agreed on.

The main role of a criminal Attorney Royse City, TX is to defend their client in the criminal court system. This is going to include defending their client at the arraignment, the pretrial hearing, the settlement conference, the trial, and the sentence hearing. This is a lawyer who defends both adults and juveniles at local, state, and even federal levels. A lawyer does have to meet certain qualifications in order to represent a client in federal court.

A criminal defense lawyer is going to spend a great deal of their time collecting evidence and any information that will help your case. They are likely to use a number of experts such as litigation consultants or private investigators in order to make sure they get your case the best defense possible. Your only alternative to hiring a criminal lawyer would be to use a court appointed lawyer. You just have to understand that court appointed lawyer have hundreds of cases on their desk at any given time. Chances are very unlikely that they are going to be able to give your case the time it deserves.

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