Assessing The Durability Of A Stud Welder Gun

The choice of a stud welder gun, which is also known as a hand held weld tool, is an important aspect of the system. The typical stud weld system will include the stud gun, the power source and the cables, which makes it a relatively simple system that offers precision, reliability, and accuracy in a wide variety of different applications.

Today, in addition to the hand held weld tool, there are also fixture mounted options for a stud welder gun. These are specially designed industrial tools that work with computerized, automated or robotic stud welding systems to provide continual stud welding without the need for human operators.

Regardless of the type of hand held or fixture mounted weld tool, it is important to consider several aspects of the stud gun to ensure a product that will be durable, long-lasting and also effective for use in a specific environment.

Type of Stud Welding System

With the hand held stud weld tools, it will be critical to determine if the stud gun is to be used with the drawn arc or capacitor discharge systems. The basic difference is the size of the stud welds that can be used, with the CD systems ideal for smaller diameter studs and for lighter weights of base workpieces.

With the drawn arc systems, consider the typical work expected for use with the system. The larger the diameter of the stud welds, particularly at or above 5/8th, it is important to use a heavy duty model to stand up to the wear and tear of use.

Options and Features

For all types of stud welding applications, choosing a stud welder gun that is lightweight is important for the operator. The versatility and flexibility of these systems means they can be used at any angle or position, so the heavier the hand held weld tool, the more difficult it will be for the operator.

In addition, look for a smooth action throughout the cycle. This always makes it easier for the operator for repeated or continual use of the stud welder even in the most challenging of work situations.

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