Asphalt Recycling: What Asphalt Contractors Can Tell Their Clients

While asphalt pavement lasts for a long time, the day will come when it needs to be replaced. One fact that not everyone knows is that asphalt can be recycled. By having a talk with one of the Asphalt Contractors in Pasadena, MD, it’s possible to learn more about what will happen with that old asphalt once it’s removed and fresh product is put in place.

Not Just Shingles

People who have heard of asphalt recycling are usually aware that old asphalt roofing shingles can be broken down and used in the production of new asphalt products. What comes as more of a surprise is that the same thing can be done with asphalt driveways, paths around the house, and even the asphalt used on streets and roads. In fact, this type of material is one of the more cost effective to recycle.

An Easy Process

One of the properties that make asphalt such a durable material is the binder included in the product. During the process of recycling, that binder is reactivated. Thanks to this action, utilizing the old asphalt for the creation of new surfaces is extremely cost effective. Combine that with the fact that the recycled asphalt is just as strong as products made using fresh materials, and it is easy to see why this approach is so popular.

No Limits on Use

As those Asphalt Contractors will tell potential customers, recycled asphalt can be used for any application that calls for fresh asphalt. In fact, the original use of that asphalt has no bearing on how the recycled product is utilized. That means the asphalt removed from a driveway could be recycled into shingles or vice versa. As long as the product is properly processed, the resulting materials can be treated and prepared for a number of different applications.

If the old asphalt driveway is past the point of patching and resurfacing, now is a good time to talk with the team at Asphalt Star about a complete replacement. Rest assured that the old material will not end up in a landfill. It will go on to serve another purpose and continue to benefit someone else in a new way.

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