Oct 13, 2014

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Ask Your Veterinarian in Honolulu About Dog Vaccinations

Just as humans need vaccinations to keep them healthy and help to prevent disease, so do dogs. Making sure your dog is vaccinated will help to keep him healthy and strong. Just as important as the vaccines, is the schedule they are given on. This is why it is important your dog begins seeing the Veterinarian Honolulu around the age of six weeks. Through vet visits, you can keep on the right schedule with your dog’s vaccinations, so they are given at the correct times. This will help to ensure your dog gets the best benefits from his shots.

There are two categories of vaccinations the Veterinarian Honolulu will recommend for your dog. These shots are core and non-core. Core vaccinations are those that are essential for every dog. These are important whether your dog is kept inside or out. Non-core vaccinations may be recommended by your vet, depending on the breed of dog and whether they are outside or in a kennel on a normal basis.

Core vaccinations include:

*   Rabies


*   Parvovirus

*   Adenovirus

Since core vaccinations begin around the age of six weeks, it is important your dog is seen at an early age and throughout life, to receive boosters, so the vaccinations continue to provide protection. In certain breeds or under some circumstances, the Veterinarian Honolulu may advise you to have non-core vaccinations given to your dog. These include:

*    Parainfluenza

*   Bordetella Bronchiseptica

*   Lyme Disease

*   Leptospirosis

*   Canine Influenza

Your Veterinarian Honolulu will keep your dog on the right vaccination schedule and advise you when it is time for another vaccine or a booster. It is important you follow your vet’s schedule for vaccinations, so you can be sure they will be given at the most effective times. By following this schedule, you can prevent many of the health concerns that can cause major illness and even death in dogs.

If your dog is in need of vaccinations, contact Gentle Vets Hawaii Kai Pet Hospital. They will work to ensure your dog stays on the proper vaccination schedule. They also provide a wide array of veterinarian services, to keep your dog healthy and strong.

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