Ask Mom! She Knows What Toys are Best for Her Child

Buying children’s toys is challenging because of the enormous selection available today. That is why many people consult with a child’s mother first before buying a gift because she usually has a preference. Some mothers like their children to get books, while others like toys that teach a skill. There are toys that simply entertain too because sometimes it is just time to play.

First, the toys selected should be high quality and age appropriate when buying a birthday or shower gift or just adding to a child’s toy collection. Those are the first two considerations. It is frustrating to spend money on a toy that falls apart after a child plays with it a couple of times. In addition, toys that break easily often present a hazard to young children who are still putting whatever they pick up into their mouths.

That is precisely why toys should also be age appropriate. Toys made for infants and young children are designed with safety in mind. There are no small or sharp pieces that can choke or harm the child. Buying high quality toys from a reliable retailer is critical for the child’s protection.

Developing Skills or Igniting the Imagination

If you are not sure what to buy for a shower, birthday or Christmas gift, then ask the mother. She is the person who is knows what stage of development the child is at and the skills that she would like her baby or toddler to work on. For example, she may suggest a board book or a bath book because she wants her baby to get interested in reading at an early age. On the other hand, mom might suggest a paint set or stacking blocks.

Some unique baby toys are designed to ignite the imagination. For example, a wooden train encourages the toddler to make sounds and move around. A toy consisting of wooden blocks in a pull wagon teaches a child about pulling, emptying, filling, and stacking. Mom may want action toys to encourage the child to move around.

Real World Training

There are also toys that reflect the real world. For example, toys that reproduce food like pizza or birthday party food teach children about meals and the types of foods associated with celebrations. On the other hand, mom may simply want you to give a plush toy gift. A plush purse filled with plush make-believe items is a great gift for a little girl. The plush keys, plush cell phone, and plush change purse can be added or removed from the purse, and each item reflects their real world counterparts.

Toys are made for infants, babies up to one year old, toddlers, and so on. If the toy is marked for 18 months and older, for example, you will want to only let a child at least that old play with it. It is important to follow the age guidelines because the toys have been tested for safety.

The rule of thumb for gift giving is: Ask mom! Mothers know best and are happy to have the opportunity to provide input.

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