Nov 20, 2013

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Arthritis in Hawaii: Foods Arthritis Sufferers Should Avoid

Arthritis is a kind of joint problem that occurs because of joint degeneration, infections, autoimmunity or aging. One of the major symptoms of arthritis in Hawaii is pain, thus it is important to eat foods that help in easing the condition. In fact, a healthy diet can help you manage your arthritis and decrease your danger of other chronic ailments like heart disease and type II diabetes. If you have arthritis, there are certain foods you need to avoid if you do not wish to aggravate your condition as well as the pain associated with it.

All the kinds of arthritis, namely rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, and so on, affect bone cells and results in bone loss. Thus, this factor should be taken into account when introducing dietary changes. The arthritic diet should be high in calcium rich foods like kale, salmon, broccoli, arugula and oatmeal and low in phosphorus rich foods such as organ meats like liver and kidney, red meat, soft drinks. Dairy products are high in calcium but are high in phosphorus also, thus should be consumed in moderation. Canned foods with added phosphorus should also be avoided.

Arthritis sufferers should also avoid eating foods that contain caffeine. This is because caffeine causes loss of essential vitamins and minerals from the body. Sugar impedes the absorption of calcium and other nutrients, and is also linked to weight gain. Therefore, if you have arthritis, you should avoid beverages and foods with artificial sweeteners. Vegetable oil and fried foods should not be a part of your diet also. Vegetable oil contains omega 6 fatty acids, which aggravates inflammation and might even result in weight gain. Salt is another ingredient which has been linked to inflammation flare-ups in arthritic individuals. Thus excess salt consumption and food items that contain added salts should be avoided.

Alcohol hampers calcium absorption within the body thus it should completely be avoided. During Arthritis treatment in Hawaii sufferers should also decrease their consumption of foods like chard, plums, and cranberries, as these foods are high in oxalic acid, which has been shown to impede the functioning of the joints. If possible, you should also avoid consuming margarine and butter because they can further inflame your joints and worsen the condition. Note: You should consult with a qualified physician like Dr. Bernard Portner before you make any drastic changes in your diet.

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