Nov 21, 2017

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Are Your Floors Right for a Floor Refinishing in New York City?

There are a lot of historical and beautiful buildings in New York City. So much so that a restoration company can work for years and never run out work that needs to be done. With the lack of real estate available in New York, it’s important that older buildings are well maintained and kept looking as good as possible. So, when a wood floor starts to look bad, an option that a building owner will need to consider is Floor Refinishing in New York City.

When Floor Refinishing is Possible

Unfortunately, not every floor is going to be right for refinishing. Some floors will have to be replaced instead. Certain conditions have to be met in order for a floor to be eligible for a refinish.

For example, the floor can’t have a lot of water damage. A little drip damage is no big deal. However, severe water damage warps the wood, which means it won’t fit into the floor properly. Additionally, water can cause the inside of a wood plank to rot. When rotted wood is sanded, it just turns to splinters and dust.

How Floor Refinishing Works

Floor Refinishing in New York City is a labor-intensive process. It’s not that it’s complicated, it actually isn’t. It does, however, require quite a bit of perfection to be done right.

Firstly, the floor has to be sanded down. This is to remove any scratches as well as any existing paint, stain or varnish on the floor. Then the floor has to be completely cleaned to prepare for the stain or paint. The truth is, a speck of dirt can ruin the entire project, so this is the part that requires a bit of OCD.

Staining the floor doesn’t take a long time, but making sure it is dry does. Then the floor needs to be sealed – sometimes with multiple coats – and allowed to dry again.

This process is labor and time intensive. This is why many people choose to work with a professional to have their floors refinished. Most pros can finish the job in a few days and it will be done right the first time. They will also correct any mistakes they may make.

If your wood floors are looking sad, they may need to be refinished. Contact New York Wood Flooring today and have them look at your floors to see if they’re a good candidate for refinishing.

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