Jun 20, 2018

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Are You Worried About Termites in Bel Air MD?

Are You Worried About Termites in Bel Air MD?

Any property owner should be worried about whether or not they have Termites in Bel Air MD. Termites can cause an incredible amount of damage to a property. In some cases, property owners have to pay thousands of dollars to fix damage caused by termites. It’s just better for people to be proactive when it comes to these pests.

They Are Looking

Understand that scout termites in Bel Air MD are looking for new locations for colonies. In the spring, winged scouts will fly away from their colonies to look at nearby locations. If they find a suitable setting, a colony will be established. If a property owner spots any scouts, they should kill them. Unfortunately, some people mistake termite scouts for winged ants.

Don’t Make Them Comfortable

Termites are attracted to certain things. If a homeowner has firewood, they should store it in a secure location. Leaving it outside is a surefire way to attract termites. Moving the firewood around is a good way to make sure that any bugs aren’t trying to establish a presence. Also, property owners should be aware of any stumps that they have on their properties. Old stumps can look very inviting to termite scouts wandering around a person’s yard. Contact us to find out more about dealing with pesky termites.


Unfortunately, far too many homeowners neglect termite inspections. By doing so, they are putting themselves at unnecessary risk. When buying a property, a buyer should never skip over getting a termite inspection. Having an inspection done every couple of years is a good way to ensure termites aren’t setting up a colony on the property. Termite queens can live a long time. So once a colony is established, it will only continue to grow in size over the years. Making sure neighbors take termites seriously can help a person protect their own property.

Termites are destructive pests. People might not like ants because they can get into their food, but termites will actually cause structural damage to a home. Working with a quality exterminator is the only way to ensure that a property is free of termites and remains that way.

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