Feb 11, 2014

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Are You Interested in Teeth Crowns in Wichita, Kansas?

One of the primary goals of dental care is to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. When damage occurs in your tooth, either from an infection, injury or cavity, it can cause you to lose your tooth. This is often because the structure stability of your tooth has been compromised. To avoid needing a tooth extraction, you may be able to have Teeth Crowns in Wichita, Kansas placed on your teeth. These crowns can completely cover your tooth, giving it stability and preventing further damage. Not only does the crown improve the strength of the tooth, but it also improves the appearance.

How Do Teeth Crowns in Wichita, Kansas Protect Your Teeth?

When the dentist has examined your tooth and decided you need a crown to protect it, he or she will first need to make sure you are numb through the procedure. The shaping process would be painful if you did not have an anesthetic. During the shaping process, the dentist will make your tooth smaller and rounded. This ensures a perfect fit for when your crown is put into place. It is important the crown fits snugly over your tooth, even though it will be cemented in place. This ensures food particles will not be able to enter your tooth structure and cause discomfort and cavities.

Once your crown has been created by the dental lab, the dentist will cement it over your tooth, using a strong dental adhesive. This will keep your crown in place for many years. It is important you are careful in taking care of your crown. You should avoid crunching on hard candies, ice and non-food items, as these can cause damage to your crown. With the proper care and routine maintenance performed by your dentist, you can keep your crown performing well and looking beautiful.

For more information on dental crowns and how they can protect your teeth, contact American Dental. They can provide you with all of the dental services you require, to keep your smile healthy and looking beautiful. Contact them today and schedule an appointment for your consultation.

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