Apr 5, 2013

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Are You In Need of Child Custody Assistance?

One of the most difficult parts about settling a divorce is determining child custody. The problem is that divorces often end bitterly, and a casualty of this bitterness is the child or children. When disagreements arise regarding child custody in a divorce case, each parent will most surely need to seek the help of a child custody lawyer in La Grange. There are some things that a parent should do first before hiring a child custody lawyer.

There are quite a few family law firms in the La Grange area. The first thing that a parent should do is seek out references and recommendations from family members, friends, coworkers, or work associates. If these options do not turn up any favorable results, a parent can also try asking for a referral from the clerks at the court or in the court office. Finally, a parent can also find a good list of recommended lawyers from the Illinois state bar association or through third party reference services.

Get Interview Ready

Now in the event that a parent cannot afford a lawyer there are still other options. For those that qualify they can receive free legal counsel through the family court. This determination will be made by the judge at the family court.

Once a shortlist has been made of the potential child custody lawyer in La Grange, the parent then needs to interview each of the candidates. Just about all of them offer a free consultation on the first visit. A lot of information can be gathered on this first visit and a feeling can be made regarding whether or not that lawyer or law firm will be a good fit for the parent or not.

During the free consultation, a parent should ask every question they can possibly think of. It is suggested that a parent should even write down all of their potential questions ahead of time to make sure that everything is answered. If the lawyer does not mention fees, then of course the parent should ask questions regarding the fees that will be charged for their services. These fees are often based on their hourly rate, which is multiplied by their anticipated number of hours needed to resolve the child custody case.

Check the Qualifications of the Lawyer

When hiring a child custody lawyer it is good to do a little background check on the lawyer or law firm, as well. Child custody lawyers fall under the category of family law. There are some lawyers, though, that work only in child custody and child support cases. These types of lawyers are, of course better equipped to handle any child custody case than just a standard family lawyer.

The attorneys at the Gabrielle S. Davis law offices practice family law in the state of Illinois and in particular, the greater Chicago area. Practice areas include prenuptial agreements, divorce, restraining orders, parental rights, as well as working as a child custody lawyer in La Grange. The law firm offers a free initial consultation.

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