Are You Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits in Waukegan?

When you apply for Social Security disability benefits in Waukegan, you might find yourself with a number of questions. The system can be somewhat overwhelming for first-time applicants and you must meet the government’s definition of “disabled” to receive any money. It is usually a good idea to meet with a lawyer if you have any concerns, but you should consider how eligibility is determined before beginning the process.

Current Employment

If you are currently able to work, you probably will not win your case. Generally speaking, you are disqualified from receiving Social Security if you currently make more than the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) limit of $1,070 per month. Keep in mind that there are exceptions, but you will have to meet with an attorney to find out if you qualify despite your earnings.

Level of Disability

The next thing that the government looks at is your level of disability. To receive benefits, you will have to show that you are unable to work for a year or longer due to your health. You should have access to medical records that prove the severity of your injuries, as the judge will want to see this information if you end up with a hearing. The more documentation you have, the better you can expect your case to go.

Type of Disability

When you fill out your application, you might see that the government has a list of conditions that allow you to qualify for Social Security disability benefits in Waukegan if you meet the listing of impairment criteria for that particular condition. A few examples of conditions in the listings are: cancer, heart disease, lung disease, arthritis, back disorders, intellectual disability, and a range of psychiatric conditions. If you are unsure if your current condition qualifies you for disability benefits based on the listings, call an attorney to discuss your situation. It is difficult to meet SSA’s listing of impairments, but even if you do not meet the listings, there are still a number of other winning arguments that an attorney can form on your behalf.

Ability to Work

You must be able to prove that you cannot work on a regular and continuing basis. For starters, you will have to show that you can no longer work your previous job. You will also have to show that you are not able to work any other jobs. An attorney can help you form a winning argument. Visit The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associatesfor more information.

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