May 14, 2014

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Are You Considering Veneers in Kirkland?

When your teeth do not look their very best, you do not feel confident. There is something about a bright and beautiful smile that can light up any face. If you have cosmetic concerns, like staining, minor damage, malformations and gaps between your teeth, you can have these treated through Veneers in Kirkland. Porcelain veneers completely cover your teeth, so they look perfected and beautiful. No one will know the damage that lies beneath or that you have had work done, because the results are so natural. This information will assist you in understanding how veneers can greatly improve your smile.

How are Veneers in Kirkland Placed on Your Teeth?

To put veneers over your teeth, you will first need a small slice of teeth removed. This millimeter of tooth tissue will not affect the health of your teeth and will be removed so there is plenty of room for the veneer to be put into place. Some of the latest innovations in dental veneers are working towards producing veneers that require no tooth to be removed. Once your tooth has been prepared, the dentist will carefully choose your veneer color. This ensures it will match in well with your other teeth, creating a beautiful smile.

Porcelain veneers are adhered into place through a special dental cement that hardens once exposed to light. The dentist will place the veneer on your teeth, through this adhesive, and then shine a special light on the teeth, to complete the curing process, so the cement immediately hardens and creates a permanent seal between your tooth and the veneer. This will hold your veneers in place for many years, allowing your smile to stay looking beautiful.


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