Aug 9, 2017

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Are You Considering a Dental Implant?

Are You Considering a Dental Implant?

Are you looking for a long-term solution for lost teeth? Are you suffering from a tooth decay and want a natural-looking replacement? New York implant dentistry can help you to reach your goals for having a natural, beautiful, and full smile. While implants are not cheap, they do present many benefits.

Keeps Your Teeth Strong

Dental implants can be much better than dentures or bridges. Bridges uses two of your teeth because the procedure fills both teeth. This can make the teeth weaker and encourage decaying. On the other hands, dentures can be difficult to use because many people experience problems with the fit.

Avoids physical downsides

When you receive an implant, a screw of titanium is screwed into your jawbone. A prosthetic took is attached to your jaw. Implants are generally extremely successful and can result in absolutely no downsides physically.


Titanium screws have great longevity. You implant may last a life time. If you chose dentures or a bridge, they may come out or may not be in your mouth as tightly. Dentures can also be easily misplaced or lost.

If you have had a sinus or nerve problem, it is important to visit a surgeon or professional dentist with training specifically for implantation.

Receive Discounts

If you are considering a dental implant but are concerned about money, you can participate in a discount plan. Some dental plans offer up to 25% off of implants. Though it is important to ask about prices and availability before choosing the program that is best for you and your plans.

Plan Ahead

Implants usually take two steps to complete. To begin, you get the implant. Next, a dentist can place a crown over your implant. The second step occurs six to 12 weeks after the implant. Plan accordingly so that you will have time to get both of these steps completed without a busy schedule included.

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