Are Windshield Replacements Hard to Find?

Anyone who has owned a car or truck for any amount of time knows that cracks to the windshield can happen for a number of reasons. Gravel flying from under the tires of the vehicle just ahead or severe weather that includes hail are just two likely scenarios. When a windshield is damaged, and repair is out of the question, it is time to think about looking at possible Windshield Replacements. Fortunately, this is not a difficult task.

Standard Windshields

One of the things that make it so easy for vehicle owners to find the right Windshield Replacements is the fact that many cars and trucks use standard sized shields. Based on the make and model of the vehicle, there is a good chance that a local repair shop will know where to obtain a replacement quickly. Some body shops may even have one in stock already if the car is no more than a couple of years old. Even if the vehicle is a little older, the chances are that one of the standard windshields still in production will fit properly.

What About Older Vehicles?

When it comes to replacing the windshields in vintage vehicles, opting for a size that is considered standard today may not be an option. Even so, there is still a good chance of finding one that will work. Salvage yards are a good source of windshields for vehicles of just about any age. While they may not be new, the fact that they are not damaged means the salvaged glass will work just fine. Best of all, the cost for the windshield will be less than the car owner thinks.

Custom Shields

For antiques and specialty vehicles, it may be necessary to order a custom windshield. There are a number of glass companies capable of taking on this type of project. While it may take a little time to craft the shield to the exact specifications, the results will be worth the wait.

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