Apr 17, 2014

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Are Used Travel Trailers In Sacramento, California Preferable To A Self Contained RV?

The concept of trailing something behind your means of transport so that you can stop whenever and wherever you like; and, then, cook a meal, have some light refreshment; or catch up on some sleep is not all that far removed from the old covered wagons or gypsy caravans; except that those were accommodations that were drawn by animals (which, maybe, is not quite the same thing as being towed behind like a trailer). Horse or oxen (or any draught animal) drawn wagons equipped for basic living needs were a great way to get across miles of open country in the days before we had highways.

Then came the railways and travel time was cut by (in many cases) days if not weeks; even if the locomotive took more than 24 hours to draw the carriages to your final destination; sleeping and eating while on the train journey were relatively easy to arrange. Living in something on four wheels became basically obsolete; only to revive when our road system developed to provide nationwide coverage.

In the early days of long distance driving; there were not many roadside motels; truck stop diners, etc; where drivers could stop off for nourishment, refreshment and some sleep; there probably wasn’t enough room inside the average motorcar for packing much food for the journey and sleeping in the average sedan car is not too restful. But if you fit out a trailer with the basic necessities and tow it behind you; everything can be, quite simply, taken care of and long distance drives can be completed without undue strain. By the early 1920’s the travel trailer had gained enough popularity for people to use them specifically for vacationing.

It’s The Towing That’s The Problem

Towing even a light weight small travel trailer can complicate your driving; not so much on the open road; but, in matters such as parking and reversing. If your plan is to drive to one place; unhitch your trailer and use it as a fixed base from which to drive around the area; the cumbersome nature of the trailer won’t be too big a problem. However, if the whole point is to visit as many different places as possible without having to be continuously changing hotel or motel accommodation; then, you could be excused for cursing the need to be continually trailing your bed from one place to another.

Then Came The Recreational Vehicle

A vehicle; that has basic seating for a travelling driver accompanied (say) by his wife and two kids; plus sleeping berths for them all; plus a small cooking and eating area; as well as basic washroom and toilet facilities; is a self propelled travel trailer that is much more convenient for the actual moving bit. Such a vehicle is known as an RV and this term has been extended to cover travel trailers as well. If you still wish to tow your holiday home behind you; then you could look for used travel trailers in Sacramento; but, it will be much easier to find a motorized RV.

You may find used travel trailers in Sacramento; but, they are not as popular as the, “everything is in the vehicle; including the engine” principle of today’s RV’s. Beaver Coach Sales & Service from Oregon definitely have a lot of RV’s and they also serve Sacramento. Call them on 1(800) 382-2597 to see if they have any trailers.

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