Are Stink Bugs in Marlboro NJ Harmful?

Not all household and commercial building pests bite or sting. A perfect example is Stink Bugs in Marlboro NJ. These bugs are harmless to humans but are still pests in large numbers. Glands emit a special defensive mechanism in the form of an unpleasant odor. One or two stink bugs will not be noticeable, but many stink bugs will smell up the property.


Stink bugs come in a variety of colors including black, brown, green, and red. The red ones are often mistaken for ladybugs. This is a problem because the smelly liquid will be released if bugs are handled and feel threatened. Nymphs are smaller than adults but can still create the unfortunate odor. Pets and children may encounter some and want to get closer, which can result in baths all around.


Course of action for the elimination of Stink Bugs in Marlboro NJ depends upon the needs and preferences of each customer. Traditional methods involving chemicals are available. There are also environmentally-friendly solutions that are more suitable to households with children, allergy sufferers, and people with respiratory issues. The company is registered with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and meets all guidelines.

Many Other Pests

In addition to eliminating stink bugs, there are thirty-five other pests, rodents, and common wildlife intruders that can be taken care of by experienced technicians. Bed bugs, silverfish, mice, bees, squirrels, and skunks are a few examples. Free estimates are offered, and each case begins with a thorough inspection of the property and land to determine the most likely entry points and breeding areas. Customers can Click Here for complete details of all services.

Be Proactive

Infestations can be avoided with participation in one of five different property protection plans. All plans begin with an inspection of the property and a free estimate. Features of each plan are as follows:

• Platinum consist of scheduled services every four months and all-inclusive pest control services

• Gold includes scheduled services every four months and specific services for seventeen types of pests

• Silver covers services for twelve specific pests along with scheduled services every four months

• Yard Guard covers services for ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes

• The Custom plan can be created by mixing and matching services to fit needs and budgets

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