Feb 20, 2013

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Are men in danger after they reach 40?

As we know, health decays as we grow older, and men are especially at risk after they hit the big 40. Having a healthy lifestyle and doing exercise helps keeping risks down, but time waits for no man and males have to be particularly careful. After 40, men are much more likely to visit a doctor’s office on a regular basis, and while they should be careful with all aspects of their life, they have to keep an eye out, so to say, for some medical conditions.

Being single is unhealthy

Being single is apparently a health hazard for men, as research shows that single men over 40 are more exposed to health hazards. This happens because men will have an unhealthier lifestyle if there’s nobody around to convince them to eat healthier and exercise. Well, if there’s no partner around, a family doctor in Kingwood if that’s where you live, is the next best thing, as the medical professional will stimulate you to do the right thing- not sit in front of the TV all day, don’t eat junk food and so on.

Internet and PC addiction

Many men spend about 11 hours a day in front of a computer and if this happens after 40 (or even before that), the risks are quite high. Research shows that men who have this type of sedentary lifestyle have a higher risk of getting diabetes and heart problems. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that more exercise is the answer and a difference in lifestyle would also help, that’s for sure.

UV exposure

Most men have short hair, do exercise outside and are thus exposed to the risks of UV radiation. Actually, men over 40 form the most exposed niche to UV radiation, which increases the chances of getting cancer. A good solution is using sunscreen in an effective way, which is something that many men don’t know how to do properly. Of course, a doctor will have just the right advice for this type of issue as well.

Junk food

It seems like a no brainer, but many men pushing 40 will suffer from a mid life crisis, a time they’re more probable to spend alone, working crazy hours. Usually, they eat lots of red meat, lots of junk food (chips, sweets), lots of beers- all these increase the chances of getting diabetes, cancer and heart issues. The solution is simple: build your life around sound values and a healthy lifestyle and don’t lose your grip on life when you hit 40.

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