Are Implants in Short Hills NJ The Correct Solution?

Is it OK to live with missing teeth and gaps in one’s smile? For some people, this is the only answer because they lack the money to get dental implants. But if it is possible to find the finances for dental implants, they are a wonderful way to fill gaps in the dental lineup and improve one’s looks and ability to chew food. The only way to find out if dental implants are a viable solution is to meet with one’s family dentist or an oral surgery clinic such as Westfield Oral Surgery.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Short Hills NJ are not always possible. If the jaw is not healthy enough to hold the metal tooth anchor, treatment must be made to strengthen it, or the dental implant will not be possible. Jaw and gum disease may limit the success of the procedure. What if the gap involves more than one tooth? Dental implants are available for multiple teeth if gum and jaw conditions are correct. Dental implants are a several step procedure and come with a substantial cost.

Dental implants must be manufactured to match the patient’s teeth concerning, size, shape, and color. They must be designed to be used with a metal anchor that resembles a screw. This anchor must be drilled into the jaw. Then at a future appointment, the newly manufactured tooth or teeth are installed onto the anchor or anchors for a permanent solution. These teeth will not need to be removed for cleaning or at night. They will be treated the natural teeth.

General Dental Health

A patient should not get dental implants in a mouth with other dental problems such as gum disease, untreated cavities, crooked teeth, stained and in need of cleaning teeth, or other problems. First, the patient’s teeth and gums should be examined and cleaned. Any dental problems should be taken care of before the Implants in Short Hills NJ are installed. The patient will most likely need a referral to an oral surgery clinic to get the implants installed. When a family dentist and an oral surgery clinic coordinate a patient’s dental care, everyone benefits. Go to the website for additional information.

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