Apr 15, 2013

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Are Finding Rims in DC a Do It Yourself Job?

Luckily even the smallest of car issues can be solved with a quick search on the Internet instead of paying high prices for auto mechanic advice. For instance if you are looking for the right rims DC and you think you can simply go on the Internet and find what looks good, think again. There are different types, sizes, models, makes, bolt issues and array of other complications that can make putting the right rims on your car a potential problem. Start by finding out the basics and see if this is a do it yourself job or if you do need the advice of a professional.

The first thing to consider is what is the bolt pattern on your vehicle. How many lug nuts are on the wheel? Once you have determined that, you have the first number in your equation that will be listed on your bolt pattern. Next, find out how far apart the nuts are and that will be the second part of the equation. For instance if you have 6 lug nuts and they are 100 mm apart your equation will look like 6×100. Those are the type of wheels you will need accommodated.

Next, find the dimensions on the wheels that are currently on your vehicle. If they are stock wheels already then you can easily replace your rims in DC with other stock wheels. You measure the wheels by diameter and width. For instance the typical wheel diameter is 15, 16, or 17 inches while the width is more frequently in 6, 7, or 8 inches. In most cases if you are going to be adjusting the rim size then you will have to adjust the tires to fit the wheel base.

Now for the tricky part. Again, if you are replacing stock with stock, you will not be facing any issues. However, if you plan on adjusting the wheels and rims you have to evaluate where the wheel sits in relation to the hub. You may have a negative or positive offset with a new tire and if problems occur with the brake and suspension lines you will have to see a professional for adjusting.

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