Are Dental Implants Worth The Cost?

Despite increased dental care awareness, millions of people across the globe are still suffering tooth loss. The major causes of tooth loss include decay, gum diseases and injury. Ridges and dentures were, for many years, the only treatment options for tooth loss; however, today dental implants near Northbrook (replacement of tooth roots) have become available, but not necessarily accessible, due to their cost. Their cost is determined by type of implant, the place where it is done, the dentist, and the materials used. A single implant costs between $900 and $3,000 while full-mount implants cost up to $96,000. The benefit of replacing tooth roots, however, outweighs their cost. Here are some of the benefits:

Eating Becomes Easier

Sometimes, dentures may slide, making chewing difficult as well as causing a lot of pain when chewing food. Replacing the tooth roots make artificial teeth function as your natural teeth would. It makes it easier for you to eat foods of your choice with confidence and without pain.

Oral Health Is Improved

Implants do not require alteration of your natural teeth to support them. Natural teeth neighbouring implants are left intact and long-term oral hygiene is improved.


Implants fuse well with the jaw bone and are strongly fixed inside the gum. This makes them very durable. In fact with proper care, they can last a lifetime; they provide a permanent solution to tooth loss.

Speech Is Improved

If dentures are poorly fitted, your teeth can slip within the mouth. This will make one slur words when speaking. Implants provide a solution for this problem as they are permanently or strongly fitted, and they allow one to speak without fearing that teeth might slip.

Improved Appearance

Implants function the same way as natural teeth because they are strongly fitted. They are designed to fuse with the bone making them permanent. They do not alter the patient’s appearance.

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