Mar 4, 2019

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Are Asphalt Driveways in Waterford, CT Best for You?

Are Asphalt Driveways in Waterford, CT Best for You?

If you have a commercial space of any type, you know just how difficult it is to maintain the driveway. This area takes a beating not only from the constant traffic but also from the salt and roadway debris that ends up on it. Nevertheless, it is the first impression your visitors have. For that reason, it is important to consider the value of installing asphalt driveways in Waterford, CT as a better option over other materials.

Why Asphalt Matters

There are a number of benefits of using asphalt for your driveway. First, asphalt driveways in Waterford, CT tend to be able to stand up to the area’s winter weather better. Because of the freezing temperatures, and the often freezing and thawing that happens frequently through the winter, asphalt is less likely to crack. This is because the material itself is flexible. It can move a bit to allow for the expanding of the material and the contracting of it. This makes a big difference in the frequency of repairs and replacement of the driveway.

Installation and Maintenance

Another key benefit of this type of material is that it is less expensive and easier to install in most areas. More so, this translates into a more affordable product that costs less out of your budget overall. Asphalt tends to have good aesthetics about it as well. Your property looks good and functions well for years, giving your visitors the right first impression every time they visit. For many, asphalt just makes sense.

Making the right decision about your driveway is important. Do not make that decision on your own. Instead, call Sullivan Paving Company to learn more about our asphalt driveways in Waterford, CT. Learn more about our services and schedule a consultation by calling 860-767-2357. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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