Jan 18, 2014

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Appreciation Plaques Online: A Great Way to Say Thank You

How can you show someone they did a good job? How can you commemorate the occasion? A great way to accomplish this is to present them with a plaque. It is something they can keep forever and a constant reminder of their accomplishment. Martin Awards has a wide selection online allowing you to find the one that fits your occasion.

If you are an employer, you can give out Appreciation Plaques to your employees. When an employee is singled out in a positive way, it can encourage them to continue their good work. Everyone enjoys a little praise now and then, especially at their work place. You want to be noticed and given credit when it’s due. The best part about ordering a plaque is it can be custom made, as you get to choose the style and engraving. You can even add a picture or symbol if you want. This comes in handy a lot when you are a coach and give out sport plaques. You can order ones with your player’s name on it, add the year, what they accomplished and the sport they played. This is a memento your players will surely like to receive. Appreciation Plaques can also be handed out to Retirees, Co-Workers, Bosses, Coaches, etc. There is always someone deserving of a thank you!

Plaques can be made from solid wood or marble. They can be rounded or squared and borders can come in black or gold. When ordering, you create your own plaque. You make sure it looks like you want and says exactly what you want it to say. This helps out a great deal when it comes to engraving. As some people tend to have an unusual way of spelling their name, their name will be spelled correctly since you type it in yourself. You can even put their nickname on the plaque if you want.

A one day rush order is available for marble finished plaques, piano finished plaques, laser plaques, solid wood plaques and walnut plaques. You can have your plaque delivered almost immediately. You will have it in plenty of time to make sure it looks great before presenting it to its deserving recipient.

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