Aug 4, 2015

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Applicants Who Are Denied Need To Find Social Security Disability Attorneys Quickly

In Massachusetts, disabled residents have face challenges when filing for social security disability. There are two forms of disability benefits available for these individuals. Supplemental Security Income is provided to disabled individuals who have never worked. Social Security Disability insurance is offered to workers who have become disabled. The initial phase of acquiring these benefits requires the residents to file an application.

What is a Qualifying Condition?

The condition or conditions identified on the application must equate to a mental or physical impairment. Under Massachusetts law, the condition must prevent these residents from performing daily tasks successfully on their own. It must also cause an inability to work in any industry or any job position. These conditions are evaluated by medical examiners appointed by the Social Security Administration for the resident’s district.

What Happens If They are Denied?

The next phase of securing these disability benefits is to file a motion for a reconsideration. The applicant may file the motion on their own or through an attorney. It initiates a re-evaluation of their application and medical evidence.

There is a sixty-day deadline for a reconsideration. The applicant must file their motion before this deadline arrives. Applicants who want legal representation should Find Social Security Disability Attorneys immediately following their notification.

A Second Denial

If the reconsideration for disability benefits if denied, a second appeal is filed. However, this motion is for a formal hearing before a disability judge. At this stage, the attorney for the applicant submits medical records from the applicant’s own doctor.

The records and a state from the doctor is required at this level. In-depth details are needed to prove how the condition affects the applicant. Any conflict between the doctor’s statement and the records could result in a denial of benefits.

In Massachusetts, applicants who wish to acquire disability benefits may require an attorney to accomplish this goal. Most claims filed in the state are denied initially. They may require one or two appeals before the applicant is approved. Applicants who need legal assistance can Find Social Security Disability Attorneys by visiting  now for more information. You can like them on Facebook.

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