Jan 21, 2015

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Appealing A Denial Of Social Security Disability Benefits

The United States Federal Government are responsible for Social Security, a program which provides certain benefits to those who have reached the age of retirement and elect to do so as well as individuals who suffer from either a physical or mental disability. The program has been in being since 1935 and has been continuously making payments to retirees and those that cannot work due to their disability. To enjoy the benefits offered the applicant must meet a number of rules, regulations and laws, most of which are unintelligible to a layperson. Social Security attorneys in El Monte have in-depth knowledge of and understanding of these rules and laws and are the ideal professionals to turn to when making application for benefits and most certainly when the initial application which was made independently is denied.

Being granted disability benefits is not a given, the disabled applicant must prove beyond doubt that they are disabled to the point where it is impossible for them to perform any meaningful work to support themselves and their dependents. There is a detailed process that the Social Security administration goes through to support their decision to either grant or deny benefits. The applicant is expected to support his or her application with detailed historic medical and work records, the board then determines whether the application is justified and benefits be granted. One of the problems of preparing the initial application independently is that the applicant has little or no knowledge of what the SSA is looking for, as a result they either submit too much redundant date or not enough of that which is required.

Social Security attorneys in El Monte are well positioned to assist the applicant with the initial application. The bulk of their clients however are those which have applied and are convinced they meet the criteria as laid down by the administration, only to have their application denied. In these cases the attorneys can pursue the appeal process which is multi-stage. In most states the first step is to ask for a review with an eye towards revising their decision, in most cases this also is denied which then moves to a judicial review held by an administrative judge. The claimant and his or her attorney will forcefully defend the application; will provide additional evidence and testimony from expert witnesses and occupational experts.

Even with this appeal the administrative judge may still deny the application, if this does happen the applicant can elevate his appeal to the appeals counsel. The counsel is made up of people who have had no part in the process up to this point; their task is to review all the information that has gone before, ensuring that there were no errors made. Go to the site www.lawnjh.com for more information.

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