Apartment Buildings Near the University of California, Riverside

Fun Activities Near the University of California, Riverside

As one of the most prominent institutions of higher learning in the Inland Empire region, the University of California, Riverside is naturally surrounded by lots of urban amenities. This public university is conveniently located just off the busy Riverside Freeway. Parking might be limited in this urban city, so you should rent student apartments near UC Riverside with private garages. However, you could still ride some of the public transportation services near the campus, such as Riverside Transit Agency buses. Student apartments near UC Riverside will be close to the famous Box Spring Mountain Reserve Park. When you reach the peak of this mountain, you’ll enjoy scenic views of Riverside and other neighboring communities. The Two Trees Trail is another popular hiking spot in Riverside County, CA. Additionally, you could head to the ground-level Hunter Hobby Park for some fun outdoor activities.

Urban Apartments Without Compromises

Modern student apartments near UC Riverside won’t sacrifice your comfort or security. Despite having an urban location, the apartment buildings offer lots of peace and quiet for studying and relaxing during the semester. Your residential building might have an entire room that’s dedicated to studying and other academic tasks. You could invite classmates to the state-of-the-art conference center to work on group projects. Additionally, a fenced swimming pool and grilling stations provide great opportunities for relaxation in the summer season near the UC Riverside campus.

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