ANSUL System in Illinois – Operation, Features, and Types

If you operate in an environment that uses ANSUL products and systems, you may already understand the effective capabilities of these fire quenching instruments. However, if you are unaware of their use and capabilities, it is important to understand the benefits of an ANSUL system. Illinois businesses can benefit significantly by the incorporation of high technology systems such as these that suppress fires quickly.

Operation of an ANSUL System

ANSUL systems eliminate a vital element of fire depends on in order to flourish. Three specific elements enable a fire to sustain itself and spread out to other areas. These elements are: oxygen, fuel, and heat. AN ANSUL system effectively defeats the first element mentioned – oxygen. Fires rely on oxygen as the fuel that helps them spread. However, this system eliminates the oxygen and reduces the temperature of the fuel giving the fire its power. The material used in the systems that suppresses the fire is often carbon dioxide.


There are a number of different complements to be systems, including heat and fire detectors, and alarm systems. When a fire emergency is in effect, it is vital to notify all occupants of the building. ANSUL systems utilize a fluid automatic release configuration that disperses chemicals in order to suppress the fire before has an opportunity to enlarge itself and potentially cause serious injury and death, as well as damage to the surrounding structure.

Ansul System Types

Commercial kitchens commonly use class F ANSUL systems. These systems dispense fire suppressing chemicals at particular elements highly marbled to Class F fires, such as fry baskets and stoves. Other businesses that are not faced with the threat of highly combustible materials can utilize ANSUL systems as well to quench other types of fires. The basic type of ANSUL system is the fire extinguisher. Firefighters in the fire trucks they operate to defeat large blazes often utilize large-scale ANSUL systems.

Fire Preparation is Important

It is essential that employees within a building are properly prepared for the potential of a dangerous fire. Planning and preparation in the workplace or any other environment as well is essential in order to ensure the maximum protection of human life and property

Contact an experienced and reliable fire the company today for more information about ANSUL systems and the potential benefits they may provide you and your employees.

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