Anodeless Riser: Making The Transition From Below To Above Ground

Often today’s pipes are composed of plastic (polyethylene). However, regulations do not allow plastic pipe for use in aboveground installations. Instead, metal risers perform the task of providing a transition between underground plastic piping and aboveground metal pipes. One specific type of riser in use by natural gas companies is the anodeless riser.

What Are Anodeless Risers?

Anodeless risers consist of two basic parts:

1. A steel casing
2. An interior plastic pipe – the service line to the meters of the gas company’s clients

They are a specific type of transitional device between under and over ground piping systems. They lack an anode since they easily contain the pressure within the plastic pipe and are not susceptible to corrosive elements.


Many utility companies use anodeless risers to connect service lines and gas meters. Their preference for such systems results from the various advantages or benefits companies can derive from their employment.

• An anodeless riser provides a connection that is both safe and permanent
• The risers do not require cathodic protection
• They are available in different styles, lengths, and densities
• They come with different features to address the specific requirements of diverse applications
• Risers are available in medium and high-density polyethylene
• Installation companies can purchase fully-fabricated versions from the manufacturers or produce their own versions in the field
• It is possible to work with the manufacturer to obtain customized anodeless risers for specific applications
• Many riser versions use an O-Ring. This is best for extreme environmental conditions

The Anodeless Riser

If the utility company employs plastic piping to carry the gas from its source to a home or business, it has to employ a non-plastic option to carry the line through to the meter and service line. In order to accomplish this, utility companies install an anodeless riser. This encloses a plastic pipe within a metal cover making it possible to carry out its function legally and effectively.

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