Jul 15, 2013

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Annual Visits at Your Veterinary Hospital in Austin

Annual visits to your veterinary hospital in Austin are important to keep your pet healthy and to catch any developing diseases or conditions before they have the chance to worsen. During an annual visit to the vet, most dogs and cats require vaccinations and a physical examination to check the head, body, feet and mouth for signs of health problems. The vet will also check your pet’s weight to see if there are any major fluctuations that could indicate an underlying condition. Learn more about how to prepare for an annual visit to the vet and what you can expect.

Being prepared for your vet visit will make it go much more smoothly. There are several things you should bring to your annual visit, including your pet’s collar and license tag, a leash or harness, a muzzle if your pet bites, a favorite toy if your pet tends to get anxious, your pet’s insurance card if you have pet insurance, and any essential health information. It can also be beneficial to have a list of questions handy if you’re curious about your pet’s health.

During your pet’s annual visit to the veterinary hospital, Austin professionals will assess your pet’s health and address any behavioral or health issues that you may be concerned about. The vet will administer your pet’s annual vaccinations and check the body and ears for parasites. He may also take a peek inside your pet’s mouth to check for dental problems. During the visit, expect to discuss any behavioral problems, nutritional requirements, and an exercise regimen.

It’s crucial to visit the vet at least once a year for a checkup. Don’t wait until your dog or cat is sick before scheduling a visit, even if your pet is usually healthy. Additional visits to the vet may be needed for dogs over the age of seven who typically have special medical needs.

Nothing is more important to pet owners than the peace of mind that comes from regular veterinary care from a skilled professional. At Austin Animal Medical Center, pets are provided with extensive, prompt care to ensure better health and wellness. For more information or to contact the animal hospital, go to


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