Mar 21, 2014

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Ankle Care In Glenview Can Keep You From Having Ankle Pain

Any type of foot pain can keep you from doing the kinds of activities that you enjoy. When your foot or ankle hurts, it can be very painful to walk and perform your everyday activities. There are many reasons why you may be having ankle pain and a qualified podiatrist can help you with ankle care in Glenview, so that you can lead an active life without hurting.

Q.) What are the causes of ankle pain?

A.) The most common causes of ankle pain are attributed to sprains, fractures and tendinitis. Sprains and fractures are caused by injuries to the ankle and they are often the result of sports related injuries and falls. When the tendon in your ankle is inflamed, you have tendinitis. This condition is caused by overusing the tendon and by doing repetitive movements. Other causes of ankle pain include arthritis and gout. Arthritis crops up when your joints are inflamed and stiff, and this condition is more prevalent as you get older.

Q.) What are some types of treatments for ankle pain?

A.) After examining your ankle, a podiatrist will diagnose your foot pain and then recommend a treatment program for you. For sprains and fractures, in due time and by staying off of your feet as much as possible, these injuries will eventually heal. If you have tendinitis, your treatment may include refraining from doing repeated motions and therefore overusing your ankle. Your podiatrist may also recommend therapy exercises to speed up the healing process. Ankle pain from arthritis cannot be cured, but there are treatments available that will help the pain. These include orthotics, such as using arch supports or pads in your shoes and you may even need to wear a brace or custom made shoes. Other treatments often include supplements or medications.  By following the treatment plan recommended by your podiatrist for ankle care in Glenview, your pain should dramatically improve or completely disappear within a short time. specializes in foot problems, toenail problems, athletic injuries and deformities. Their treatment methods include neuropathic and holistic treatments, and custom orthotics for arch pain, heel spurs, arthritis, sciatica and runners knee.

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