Apr 6, 2015

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Animal Hospitals Offer More Than A Check-Up

These days businesses need to offer more services and quality to their clients in order to stay relevant and competitive. This trend can be seen in a variety of markets and fields, and the healthcare industry is not immune. In particular, veterinarian clinics are seeing an increase in services, programs, and offerings to consumers, both human and of the four-legged variety. Animal hospitals in Chicago are extending much more to individuals and their animals, and this is great news for those seeking more care for a furry friend.

Stem Cell Therapy

You may know about the research and procedures done with stem cells for humans, but did you know that there is also a lot that vets can do for pets with this kind of therapy treatment? It is true; veterinarians are now using the removal and re-injection of stem cells in animals to combat certain diseases and illnesses. For example, a dog that has been injured in his leg can get injected with the cells that were taken from his fat in order to repair any damage done and reduce pain and inflammation. Cuddly critters have shown great results with this treatment option, and more and more animal hospitals should be offering it soon.

Hospital Laboratories

As well as being a clinic for your pet, there are businesses that also house on-site labs for research and development processes. This is a great advantage for both clients and vets because while you bring your dog or cat in for a routine check-up, a trained employee can run tests on your pet’s blood samples or perform other duties in the laboratory. The ease of use and convenience of having a lab right on the site is invaluable, as you can become aware of any illnesses or suspected diagnoses while you are still with the veterinarian.

Dental Details

You may associate the vet’s clinic with vaccinations, weight readings, and blood samples. Do not forget that you may also get dental treatment for your dog or cat at a decent and qualified animal hospital. It is essential to take care of your furry friend’s mouth, as the teeth, tongue, and gums are key components of your companion’s overall health. We take care of our oral hygiene, so why not our dog’s or cat’s as well? With dental exams and x-rays available, there is no reason not to do a routine mouth check-up while you are there.

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