Jul 9, 2013

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Animal Control in Columbus, OH for Wild Animals on Your Property

Today, many animals that we consider as wild are now moving into our suburban and urban spaces. This is happening for several reasons. Areas that used to be designated as farmland are now being sold to home developers. They then build suburban neighborhoods on land that was being farmed only a year ago. Our cities and suburban sprawl is expanding into areas that were previously uninhabited by humans. As we move onto more animal territory, we’re finding the need to call Animal control Columbus OH for unwanted visitors like raccoons, skunks, squirrels, geese, and more.

When a customer places a call to an Animal control Columbus OH company, a service technician will come out and inspect the property for damage and look for animal tracks and animal droppings to help indicate what kind of animal problem you have. When possible, such as for animals like raccoons, opossums, and the like, they prefer to use humane traps rather than chemicals like they may use for roaches. They use special humane traps and will bait them, and then come back to re-bait the trap or remove snow from the trap. They won’t bait the trap with pet food so that your own pets won’t be attracted to the trap.

Customers should not touch the traps. This is for the customer’s safety, as some wild animals can carry lung diseases like histoplasmosis and they can also carry rabies. It is also against the law for anyone but the professional operator to operate the trap. The trap operator is required by state law to come back to check on the trap every 24 hours. Once the trap has worked, they can take care of the animal and get it relocated.

A Wildlife Control Company focuses on using humane practices to remove pests of all kinds from the person’s home or business and traps the animals using humane traps. The animals are the relocated to a designated safe area. After the animal has been caught, they’ll check the area where the animal was and assess damage from chewing, urine, feces, and more. They’ll repair the area where the animal got in and damaged the structure.




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