Dec 6, 2013

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Andersen Windows Colorado Springs and Your Home Remodel

One of the aspects of home remodeling that gets overlooked is window replacement. Homeowners remodel their kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, but they often forget that they should have their windows checked. Windows are not just ways to look outside or to let natural light inside. They are actually part of your home’s energy efficiency.

If you have older windows, they are probably causing drafts that keep you from saving on energy usage and from saving money on your energy bills. Andersen Windows Colorado Springs is a brand that can help you improve your home. What does window replacement involve?

Window Evaluation

The first thing to do is call your local contractor that offers window replacements and repairs. Let these experts check your windows and help you determine if you need to replace them. If you need to have them replaced, these experts will also be able to provide you with a written estimate based on what you need for your windows. You will be asked questions before an estimate will be given.

Window Types

One of the questions these contractors will ask you is “What type of windows do you want?”. You can choose from double or single hung windows, bay, bow, or casement windows, and other specialty windows that suit your needs and desires. No matter what, your representative will work with you so you are happy with your selection.

The Process

Once you have approved the estimate, an appointment will be scheduled for window replacement specialists with expertise in Andersen Windows Colorado Springs to come out and get started. It should not interrupt what you do at home to have your windows replaced. If the job is going to cause any kind of interruption, you will be informed so you can make arrangements. It is very uncommon for there to be any issues like this for this kind of home improvement project.

It may take up to eight weeks for your windows to arrive for the project. Once they come in, your windows should be installed in one day. Professional installers should be able to install 12-15 windows in one day.

These are the basic things to expect when you are having new windows installed on your home. The hardest thing about it is choosing from the beautiful windows and the longest wait is getting the windows you order in stock. Peakview Windows and Siding provides professional services for your home window replacement.

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