Ancient Grilling Science Comes to the USA in the Shape of an Egg

A ceramic charcoal grill is the single most important thing for outdoor cooking you can ever buy. These egg-shaped grills can grill, smoke and slow-roast meats, and even bake pizza and loaves of bread. These versatile grills can be stoked with lump or briquette charcoal and even wood for smoking.

Modern ceramic, kamado-style grills are based on ancient outdoor clay ovens, such as the tandoori oven. However, the modern, high-tech ceramic materials provide an easy-to-clean surface and even heat.

Ceramic grills have many advantages over traditional grills, and using one is a very different experience. For example, ceramic grills heat up very quickly to a temperature that will sear meats. The grill can then be turned down to a lower temperature to properly cook the meat.

The dome-shaped top retains heat much better than an ordinary grill. It also helps the meat to maintain moisture, for mouth-watering juiciness.

If you open the grill to slather on barbeque sauce, within 30 seconds the cooking temperature rises to its previous level. Also, unlike traditional grills, ceramic grills heat from all sides. Finally, a ceramic grill can be used to grill and smoked meats, as well as for baking.

A ceramic charcoal grill can fulfill every cooking need that you have, from grilling, baking, smoking, and slow roasting meats. Not only that, the shiny, egg-shaped kamado-style grill will look great on your patio or deck.

Outlast Life ceramic charcoal grills are the best value, with $400 worth of accessories included with each grill.

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