Jun 12, 2015

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Anchors in NY- How to Put Anchors in Your Wall

Anchors in NY- How to Put Anchors in Your Wall

A screw anchor, also known as a wall plug is used as a dowel for attaching any screw in the wall. Before a screw can be placed in a wall, a hole must be drilled. However, the drilled hole is slightly bigger as compared to the size of the screw. In order to prevent damage to the wall, a screw anchor must be inserted into the wall. These anchors are used in a wide variety of different applications. Whether you want to hang a painting, a mirror or a photograph on the wall, you will need to insert an anchor in the wall.

Drilling a hole is important. If you simply hammer the nail into the wall without drilling a hole, it may damage the wall. You don’t want to see small cracks originating at the place where the hole was drilled. Even if you place a screw without drilling a hole, there’s a chance that the nail might fall out of place. Installing anchors in the wall will make your life very easy. When installed in the right way, the anchor screw is capable of supporting weight as high as 20 pounds. Here is a brief guide on how to put anchor screws in the wall:

Select the Right Anchor Screw

There are different types of anchor screws for different types of walls. Anchors in NY are sold by many hardware shops. You can even purchase them online from manufacturers and online tool suppliers. For instance, you don’t need metallic anchor screws for plaster walls. These walls are originally created from wood, and plaster is added afterwards. Similarly, you shouldn’t consider jamming a metallic anchor screw in drywall, which is even lighter than the plaster wall. However, a wall created from brick and mortar will support metallic anchor screws just fine.

Weigh the Object

You need to know the weight of the object that you are about to hang. Compared to paintings, cabinets tend to increase the amount of stress on the anchor. Hence, you should not consider using anchors for hanging objects with greater weights, such as cabinets.

Drill a Hole

Once the basics are completed, the next step is to drill a hole in the wall. You will need a drilling machine for this purpose. Place the drill right where you want to place the screw, and start drilling. Make sure that your hand remains steady during the drilling process.

Place the Anchor Screw

Put the anchor in the hole you just drilled, and gently hammer it all the way in. Make sure that the anchor screw is tightly in place before you place a nail in the anchor.

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