Feb 13, 2018

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Analyzing Details With A Construction Injury Attorney In Melrose, MA

Analyzing Details With A Construction Injury Attorney In Melrose, MA

In Massachusetts, construction companies follow safety regulations as outlined in state and federal laws. The regulations mitigate common risks associated with potential injuries to residents and workers. Laws are also in place to lower the risk of property damage. A Construction Injury Attorney in Melrose MA starts personal injury claims for victims of related accidents.

Using Signs Appropriately

The construction zone is surrounded by warning and caution signs according to local laws. The signs define where the construction zone starts and ends. It also identifies areas that are restricted to construction personnel only. The lettering on the signs must measure at least ten inches and is visible to drivers, pedestrians, or local residents approaching the work area.

Requirements for Flaggers and Pilot Drivers

Roadway construction requires flaggers and pilot drivers to prevent avoidable accidents. The flaggers direct approaching traffic, and the pilot driver leads automobiles away from the construction zone. The workers are present throughout the workday and lower the chances of a traffic accident. Road construction services that fail to utilize flaggers and pilot driver are liable for any accidents and/or injuries that occur.

Protective Gear and Equipment for Workers

Construction companies are required by law to provide workers with protective gear and equipment. The type of construction project defines what type of protective gear is needed. For example, highrise construction projects require harnesses to lower the chances of a fatal fall.

The Responsibilities of the Foreman

The foreman assigned to the construction project monitors the workers throughout the workday. It is also vital for the foreman to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering the construction area. If an accident happens, the foreman contacts emergency assistance and manages the victim’s injuries. The foreman is also responsible for mitigating risks associated with the use of explosives in a demolition project.

In Massachusetts, safety regulations associated with construction zones are followed at all times. The construction company faces fines and liabilities if they aren’t compliant with the laws. If an accident happens, a lawsuit is possible based on the involvement of the construction company. Victims of the accidents contact a Construction Injury Attorney in Melrose MA by visiting Bostonautoaccidentlaw.com right now. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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