Dec 19, 2013

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An Online Doctor Consultation Makes Care More Accessible

One of the unfortunate realities of the current way medicine is practiced is that people need help the most at the times when it is hardest to get it. In an extreme emergency, of course, calling an ambulance is the best thing to do. There are a lot of situations in between being perfectly healthy and being deathly ill, though, and they can make it very difficult for a person to actually reach a doctor to get help for whatever is bothering him. By offering the option of an online doctor consultation, iCliniq is making good medical care more available to people who really need it.

There are many types of illness where a person is not sick enough to need a hospital, but still sick enough that driving isn’t really a good idea. A severe fever, for example, can leave someone distracted and disoriented enough that getting behind the wheel is unsafe. A person who is vomiting or who has other digestive issues will likewise probably be unable to safely control a car long enough to get to someone who can do an examination and provide the appropriate treatment. Many people don’t have nearby family members who can drop everything to help out in these situations, and so patients need a way to contact medical professionals for help without necessarily having to leave home.

This is why an online doctor consultation is such a valuable concept. The company offers patients the option of asking a query online, getting a consultation by phone, or even having a video chat with a medical professional. This provides an opportunity to explain the specific problem and symptoms and to get guidance on what to do next. This approach can even save lives, since people who are hesitant to go to a doctor unless it’s obvious their situation is very dire might be more willing to consult with someone over the phone than to try to go to an office.

An Icliniq online doctor consultation should make good advice and medical care available to more people, and at the times when they truly need it. For patients who’ve had to struggle to get to a doctor’s office when they could barely drag themselves out of bed, it’s a great way of staying inside, resting, and avoiding infecting other people while still getting help.

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