Jun 30, 2015

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An inground pool, the ultimate garden upgrade

There is no doubt that an inground swimming pool is the ultimate in backyard upgrades. Prices have fallen due to the current financial bind that many people are finding themselves in but even at that, inground swimming pools in Jacksonville Beach are still a serious investment so the first thing to do is decide the size, shape, type and location.

The size of the pool and the shape are the most important choices and they depend on a few factors including your budget, what you have in mind from a design point of view, the available spot to install it and your needs. The choices are many, some people will opt for a small swim spa while others will opt for a lap pool. Most families choose to have a recreational pool installed, one which is shallow at one end getting progressively deeper to the point where you can dive. The shape is literally anything you can imagine, although typical square or rectangular pools are common options, freeform pools allow the designers of inground swimming pools in Jacksonville Beach a free hand to design around garden features.

Pools that are installed reasonably close to the house are great; not only does this allow ready access to the house for changing, it is a lot easier to transport food and beverages to pool side and easier to clean up afterwards. Many people with small children prefer to have the pool close to the house so they can keep an eye on the children’s activities.

Having said all that, when the pool is located some distance from the house it is akin to a vacation getaway. What is important is the overall landscaping, a path from the pool to the house and a decent area for a BBQ are ideal as is a cabana for changing.

Homeowners have a choice of construction. Most inground swimming pools in Jacksonville Beach are either a plastic pool liner, a drop in fiberglass shell or a built up concrete shell. Plastic pool liners and fiberglass shells are used “as is” while a concrete shell requires a plaster finish.

Of the three a plastic liner is the least expensive, followed by a fiberglass shell and finally a concrete pool.

Regardless of the type of pool, once it has been installed a pool deck is constructed. The deck can be stone, tile, brick, pavers, poured concrete or wood. Wood is beautiful but with the amount of water in the area it does require additional maintenance. When the area for the pool is selected the contractor will impress it upon the owner that plenty of space should be left for the deck as it will be used for sunbathing, dining and all-round loafing.

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