An Inclusive STEM Based Curriculum That Shares Discovery in Saint Paul, MN

In this academy, inclusiveness is a core tenet that informs every aspect of the education experience. That includes a culturally diverse learning environment that is open to all students in grades 5-8. The STEM-focused education is more than just strong science content and lots of technology, it’s the ability to develop mindsets, skills and habits that gives students tools for success in STEM fields and beyond.

Issues of equity go beyond attending middle schools in Saint Paul MN, as the school is a tuition-free middle school available for all area students. A fundamental tenet of the academy is built on the idea of building better character. Students are constantly encouraged to explore in ways that engage their intellectual sensibilities. They are tasked with thinking critically about social issues such as discrimination, stereotypes, and working to dismantle glass ceilings through academic study and data.

Compared to other schools in Saint Paul MN, Laura Jeffery Academy aims to show students how STEM affects the world around them and how they can work to change it. By analyzing various patterns, solutions, and focusing on intention within STEM-based study, students are quickly developing pertinent life skills as well as academic skills. For more information regarding the unique curriculum approach, visiting the school, and much more, you can visit Laura Jeffrey Academy, call 651-414-6000, or email

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