An Eyelash Perm in Round Rock, TX Can Open Eyes Without Damaging Lashes

Read any beauty blogs? Magazines offering beauty advice? Collections of reader-solicited beauty tips? Interviews with makeup artists? “Inside My Makeup Bag” features? There are a few perennial pieces of advice in these circles. Red lipstick looks good on everyone, although different skin tones call for different shades of red. Moisturizer and sunscreen are always necessary. Exfoliation is a good idea. Paying attention to eyebrows pays off. These tips linger for a reason: they’re accurate. One frequently recommended beauty technique is to curl eyelashes, regardless of whether they are being coated with mascara and paired with thick eyeliner or whether the overall makeup look is minimal and natural. Curling eyelashes gives the effect of opening up the eyes, making them look bigger and better-framed. It’s good advice.

Eyelash curlers, unfortunately, do not always feel great to use. The little tools clamp down on fragile, slow-to-grow eyelashes and bend them sharply, sometimes pulling a few out. To make the process go more easily and quickly, some beauticians recommend heating a metal eyelash curler with hot water or a hairdryer. It works, certainly, but it is hazardous to put something hot close to one’s eyes. A better alternative is an Eyelash Perm Round Rock TX, which will give the eye-opening effect of curled eyelashes without forcing one to use an eyelash curler daily.

Everyone is familiar with hair perms, and, as eyelashes are made of hair, it is possible to perm them as well. Certain beauty boutiques, such as Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar in Round Rock TX, offer such services. The technique has a few huge pluses: It is done by steady-handed professionals rather than by amateurs in front of the bathroom mirror, it lasts for weeks instead of hours, and it gives a gentler curve than the 90-degree angle created by most eyelash curlers.

Because eyes are precious organs, it’s essential to be sure that any Eyelash Perm Round Rock TX is performed by licensed, well-regarded beauty technicians in a clean, safe environment. Check reviews and testimonials to get a feel for the place, but also check to see if the location is approved by national or local business and health organizations. An Eyelash Perm Round Rock TX should make one feel beautiful but not at the expense of feeling comfortable and secure. Browse website to know more.

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