Oct 28, 2015

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An Explanation of Dental Root Canals in Salem, OR

An Explanation of Dental Root Canals in Salem, OR

Root canals are carried out when a tooth is in danger of necrosis due to a cavity. The main point of this procedure is to save the tooth and prevent the need for extraction. Many people think of a root canal as being a painful procedure. In reality, root canals rarely hurt any more than fillings. Since many people are nervous when they have to have this procedure carried out, it behooves them to research and learn the steps that are involved so they will be less nervous and more prepared for their dental root canals in Salem OR.

This procedure is done under local anesthetic, so a person does not feel any pain while they are undergoing dental root canals in Salem OR. Since the mouth is numb, it is crucial people are careful when they have their procedure not to bite down and damage their lips or teeth. The dentist will instruct patients on how to avoid problems as they recover from the procedure.

During dental root canals in Salem OR, the dentist first needs to create an opening in the tooth. This opening allows room for the tools to access the inner pulp and down into the root canals so they can be cleaned of any tissue. The cleaning process is important because this tissue needs to be removed, so it is not in danger of becoming infected. Should the dentist find infection in the pulp, antibiotic treatments would need to be carried out before the procedure continues.

Once the inner area of the tooth has been cleaned out, the dentist will then use a sponge-like material called gutta-percha. This material allows the tooth to expand and contract naturally, so it is less likely to break. On top of this spongy layer, the dentist will seal the tooth with a harder filling for added protection.

The process for dental root canals in Salem OR may seem scary but, in reality, they are not. For more information on this or other dental procedures, visit salemriverfrontdental.com. They can help to protect your smile health by offering you the dental procedures you need. Call them right away to schedule your appointment.


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