An Esthetic Dentist Can Give You a Totally New Smile

When it comes to taking summer pictures at the beach or Christmas family portraits this winter, you may loathe the idea of showing all of your teeth. If you feel self-conscious about your smile, you are not alone. However, with help from an esthetic dentist, you can reverse this feeling by transforming your smile into one that makes you feel like a brand new person.

What Will the Dentist Do First?
Your initial visit to the dentist’s office will involve many important preliminary steps. You’ll go over your dental and medical history as well as your personal goals concerning your smile. You will also have plenty of time to ask questions. Next, the esthetic dentist will take pictures of your mouth and keep these images for analysis and evaluation during your esthetic treatment process. An oral cancer exam will also be completed, and the dentist will further analyze how your teeth come together when you bite down.

A Few Cosmetic Dentistry Options
If you want to revamp your smile, a wide range of options are available to get the job done. Two popular treatments include inlays and onlays. These types of restorations are designed to replace large fillings in the teeth. An inlay or only is bonded to the tooth and matches the color of your existing teeth, thus being virtually invisible. You can also get a crown placed on a tooth whose structure has been compromised; a crown can dramatically improve a damaged tooth’s appearance. Finally, porcelain veneers also serve as a simple and quick way to alter your smile by naturally covering chipped, discolored or crooked front teeth.

Teeth Whitening
One of the easiest, most non-intrusive ways to make your smile look brand new is to get your teeth whitened. Zoom! Whitening is known for effectively making your teeth potentially eight shades brighter in an hour’s time. A dentist can also give you whitening kits with bleaching gel that is professional-grade. By using this type of kit at home for a few hours each day, you can get a bright, shiny smile in less than a couple of weeks. Thanks to esthetic dentistry, you truly do have the power to make your smile more beautiful than ever before.

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